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Jodie Evans

Jodie has been a community, social and political organizer for the last 30 years. She has used her skills,for the protection of the earth, to give voice to communities and people who go unheard and unseen, in the area of human and civil rights, to protect the rights of women, to raise the minimum wage for farm workers, to protect dolphins, in El Salvador in the early 80's and with Zapitistas since '94.

From 1973 to 1982, she served in administrative capacities in all of Jerry Brown's campaigns and in his staff and cabinet as Director of Administration. Breakthroughs in wind and solar energy happened while she was overseeing the office of Appropriate Technology.

During the years between 1985 and 1990, she took time off to be a mother while running the Hereditary Disease Foundation and founding the Grief Recovery Center after the death of her daughter. During this period, she was very active as the west coast board member of the Women's Campaign Fund, chair of the federal candidates committee of the Women's Political Committee, member of the Hollywood Women's Political Committee. She also raised money for out of state women candidates for federal offices and pro choice groups CARAL and Voters for Choice. With a group of women friends concerned about bringing children in to this world founded Environmental Media Association.

Along with a group of friends from the Brown administration, she was one of the founding board members of Sand County, a venture capital fund. The purpose of the fund was to invest in start up companies that solved environmental or social problems. This company also spawned a tax-free muni bond fund, The Muir Fund, that was named the fifth best fund in California in 1993. Some of it's other successes were Working Assets Funding Service and Odwalla Juices. She was also a member of the Social Venture Network, business owners and investors with a commitment to bring social and human values in to the work place.

In 1990, Jodie was very active in the Big Green campaign. After it's defeat, she, along with her partners Tom Hayden and Cathryn Tiddens, opened the first environmental department store, Terra Verde in Santa Monica. She also served as a board member of People for Parks, which was successful in passing an initiative for more funding to save the public parks in Los Angeles. Her other areas of involvement were supporting activists organizations such as, Citizen Action, Neighbor to Neighbor, Earth Island Institute, Environmental Media Association, Interfaith Task Force on Central America, International Overseas Education Fund, Los Angeles Women's Foundation, El Rescate, C.A.R.E., etc.

In 1991, she came back together with her friend Jerry Brown to run his campaign for President which was based on political reform and a $100. contribution limit. The innovations she began in his campaign have become the standard in all campaigns.

Following the campaign, she created We the People to encourage those that had been motivated by the efforts of the campaign to work in their communities by creating community projects and instilling them with habits of democracy and to continue the fight against big money in the election process. She also produced the radio program 'We the People with Jerry Brown', a daily liberal talk show. The best seller, Dialogues, is based on interviews from this show. From '94 she spent 4 years producing Stripped and Teased; Tales of Las Vegas Women.

She then co-created, with Georgia Kelly, a Peace Conference in Dubrovnik in June of 1999, about imagining Peace in the 21st century. The documentary "Unfinished Peace" created at the conference by 29 youth from the Balkan States, was in the Sundance Film Festival in 2001. After producing the very successful day of events for Mayor Jerry Brown's inaugural, Celebrating Oakland, she produced with her 2 partners the world Festival of Sacred Music in Los Angeles, 9 days and 85 concerts of sacred music, in October of '99, an event inspired by the Dalai Lama. She recently finished producing the Shadow Conventions 2000, alternative conventions to politics as usual.

In April 2002 she wrote a mission statement for Bad Babes and their Buddies, took it to a gathering she assisted in organizing that became Unreasonable Women of the Earth her life has been consumed with CODEPINK: Women for Peace since September of 2002.

Current Activities

In the last 2 years Jodie has created 2 books: Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation and Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and terrorism.

826LA, vice-president, after school writing program founder by Dave Eggers

Artship (board member, advisor, lobbyist and development director) A battleship docked in the port of Oakland which will house the International Peace University, whose members are Nobel prize winners, and will be a community center for interweaving community needs with artistic solutions.

Americans for a Safe Future (board member, secretary/Treasurer ) Began to fight a nuclear waste dump site in Ward Valley on the Colorado River, recently won the 7 year fight costing US Ecology $50,000,000.

Bal-Maiden Films (partner), Stripped & Teased, (producer) Documentary about the real Las Vegas women, of which she is one. Continues to work on distribution of the film into womenstudies programs.

Bioneers, Cultural Heritage Institute, (board member)

Campaign Finance Reform, Constantly fighting for ways to get money out of the election process so we can have real democracy.

China Treasures (founder and part owner) Chinese tonic herb company.

Circle of Life Foundation, (member circle of Peers)

Conscious Business Alliance (founder) Brings together people who want to integrate their spiritual ideals in their workplace.

Community Self-Determination Institute (founder/board member) teaches ex-gang members life skills and community empowerment.

Dad's and Daughters, (Board Member). Dads and Daughters provides tools to
men to be better fathers and advocates for their daughters

Drug Policy Alliance (board member) and other activities to change the drug policies in America.

Garden Project ( board member) Project in San Bruno prison to empower those leaving prison to a life with purpose and reward.

Gateways and Passages (owner) Producer of ritual events. Just completed Celebrating Oakland, a collaboration of all the communities of Oakland in a 11 venue, 20,000 person celebration, created with an entire volunteer staff.

For Generations to Come (consultant/ board member) Decisions are made that don't take into account future generations, we are stealing their resources, air and water. Lobbying group for congress to take future generations into account.

Foundation for World Art (board member) Producer of the World Festival of Sacred Music. Just completed a CD and documentary from the material of that festival and creating the next for 2002.

Hereditary Disease Foundation ( board member /development director) Funds scientific research for hereditary disease cures.

Motion Institute (board member/secretary/treasurer) The institute has ongoing classes in movement therapy and expression.

Rainforest Action Network (board member, development committee director)

See Jane

Seventh Heaven (creator/partner) Yoga studio with a focus on body centered awareness & celebration of being, located in Berkeley.

Spirit in Action Her work, a class she teaches and a book she is writing.

Terre Verde Homes (owner) An experiment in creating inexpensive and environmentally responsible housing.

Thich Nhat Hanh / Path of Peace in Heart of Oakland (Partner in creation/consultant) A day with Thich Nhat Hanh and many of the activist communities in Oakland. Includes a Dharma talk and walking meditation around the lake in Oakland.

Warrior Mothers: Stories to Awaken the Flames of the Heart. Jodie is one of the 24 women in this book, stories that inspire you to get involved in creating your world.

Jodie lives in Venice California, the mother of 3 children who are now out of the house. She has been known to play her harp and create shapes on a pottery wheel to feed her soul.

2010 Linden Ave
Venice, CA 90291