Bad Babes and Their Buddies
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Bad Babes educate, inspire and activate women of independent means and their friends to take responsibility for the power they have in the economy of the United States and the World.

We are a community of effective, nonviolent activists who are well informed, articulate and creative. Using our voices, time and money; we express the primal scream we feel about the violent disrespect of the planet, it's people and the ideals the United States was founded on, and expose the deceptions and injustices that have become fashionable and commonplace in our world. We replace the illusions created by fear, power, and control with experiences of sustainability, harmony, abundance, caring, and the nourishment of the human spirit and all life.

We network with and are in service to the larger movement for Global Justice and respectful coexistence. We are gender driven but not gender exclusive.

Please join us.
Jodie Evans